Research and application of new technologies in production processes is a necessary choice to ensure high quality products.

In more than half a century, the technology in milling has become very advanced, and we have been able to live up to our mission guided by the continuous search for quality through innovation.

We have done this through the introduction of new ways of perceiving the process, such as the optical selecting cleaning and the cereal decortication in order to improve and make the product more clean before grinding;

by investing in the latest machinery renewing the whole grinding department, through the construction of grain supply chain, through the studying and researching of the best varieties of durum wheat to grow;

through the development of versatile production plants able to let us produce all types of hard wheat flour, through software plant automation which provides a widespread and constant control during all the stages of the production, storage, grinding, from the packaging to the delivery.

According to our philosophy we are implementing new development projects and diversification, including a study in order to obtain the products bound to groups of consumers with special nutritional needs.