"Grossa" (Large Durum Wheat Semolina) is the name of a granular product with a sharp edge obtained by grinding and subsequent sifting out of durum wheat free from foreign substances and impurities, free from tastes and odors, with no traces of biological contamination and according to the relative Italian law.

The "Grossa" semolina is a medium-large grain product.

It presents itself with granules uniform in size, without any kind of foreign material, the appearance is yellowish, uniform and free from artificial colors. The smell is characteristic of a fresh product.

Additional Info

  • Particularly suitable for: Preparation of fresh pasta, long pasta and pastry
  • Description: Large Durum wheat semolina
  • Weight:

    25 kg net source

  • Specifications:

    Moisture max 15.50%. It contains gluten.

  • Humidity:

    14.50% - 15.50% Max

  • Ash on dry basis:

    0.65% - 0.75% Max

  • Protein on a dry basis:

    12.50% - 12.00% Min

  • Gluten:

    11.00% - 10.00% Min