Ensuring a safe and healthy food is not a goal, but it's a mission of each day of work, because even the smallest detail is a reflection of a strong commitment to quality.
The footprint that we have given to our company is that of Quality and Safety Food. We did this by improving our management systems, in order to place under control all business processes. This has made our production activities, management and control certified according to the most well-known international standards.

The more than 100,000 annual checks carried out on raw materials, not finished and finished products allow us to provide our customers and the consumer safe food.
Through the work of our in-house laboratory equipped with advanced machinery, every delivery of wheat is kept under control in order to identify and eliminate anomalies.
The support of accredited external laboratories complete the supervision activity. The routine product analysis, the chemical-physical and organoleptic properties are complemented by mycotoxins research, such as deoxynivalenol, aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, zearalenone, fumonisins, of heavy metals, pesticide residues, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), of microbiological agents and solid impurities (filth test).

The preventive monitoring of the raw materials allows us to operate, in a limited time, a careful selection of hard wheat in order to respect the request of the customers.

Through sector agreements entered into with our suppliers, the computerized management of all the production processes and the certification of the traceability system, we are able to guarantee the origin of our meal. The control activity is helped by external organizations that provide and certify the company and our products.

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