Letter to the Founder

"We remember Mr Giuseppe Ricci as a man open to changes and proud of his job, with a very leader soul.

He has always felt the need for a space free of dependencies and settings that would limit the creativity. He was a person with an innovative intelligence enhanced by curiosity. Being a farmer was for him a school of life and knowledge: what he has not been able to study on the books he learned through the experience with the satisfaction of sowing and reaping and the gratification of seeing the results of a good job.

In the fifties, in a world that was changing quickly and where the manual work began to be replaced by machines, Mr Ricci wasn't unprepared: he has been able to advise, decide, open his mind to new solutions, trusting the values he believed in and, driven by the love for his family, he saw technology as the future for his children, hence the decision to buy a small mill in the village of Ospedalicchio.

With the passing time he saw his children growing up and he felt satisfied that the small mill was turning into an industrial reality.
The values he believed in and that led his existence, are still very important our family, Today, as it was in the past, the passion for our work pushes us to look to the future always trying to improve in respect for the right balance between tradition and innovation."