Our story

Our curiosity drives us towards new horizons, the passion for our job keeps alive our roots.

1959 Mr. Giuseppe Ricci purchased, for his three sons Enrico, Federico and Franco, a small wheat flour mill in the town centre of Ospedalicchio

1969-1979 the brothers built a new plant in what today has become the industrial area and from an initial production of a few kilos, the production capacity grew of about 100 tonnes per day.

1985 the brothers decided to enter the field of durum wheat renting a mill in Città di Castello (PG), with the aim of acquiring experience in such a new market. They also started the construction of a new mill.

1991 Opening of the new milling plant of 230 tons of wheat per day

1995 The new milling plant is expanded to 300 tons per day

2000 a generational change takes place leading to the current management structure made by the President Mariella Bianchi Ricci and the children of the three brothers, Andrea, Michele, Natascia, Emanuele, Martina and Nicola.

2009 In line with the Company's philosophy aimed at quality, the production plant is innovated and expanded with the latest machinery

2012 Consolidation of the production to 400 tons per day and entry of the company into the organic market

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